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A dudes guide to choosing the right wine with dinner.   

Wine...   well lets see, its not beer, I know that, and its made from grapes right ?   To be completely honest, I like the taste of Red wine like Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot, but that's about all I know.   oh... and I'm pretty sure "Cabernet" and "Merlot" are names of grapes.   But when it comes to choosing the right wine with dinner, I dont have a clue,  SO, were going to call in the cavalry here and let some people who know what they are talking about give us the scoop. 

Not too many of us care about becoming a glass sniffing, gargling wine snob, but there may well be a time when the wine list is passed to you and you are asked to choose a bottle of wine to go with dinner.   When this happens you have a few options; you can, a.) Take a wild ass guess, and tip your date off that if she goes home with you, she might be going to a cave.   b.) Ask the waiter or waitress to suggest something, which is a good face saving option, but thats a little like pulling into a gas station to ask for directions, or c.) Confidently browse the wine list, taking into consideration what everyone at the table has ordered for dinner, and make a semi educated selection that should please everyone, thereby making you....THE MAN.

When the wine arrives at the table, the waiter or waitress will normally pour a small amount in your glass to allow you to taste and approve the wine.   This is not the time for the "look at me, I'm a wine critic" show....   because you're not.   Just taste it, give it a second, and then nod a yes to your waiter if it is acceptable.   If for some reason you taste the wine, and find that you would rather be gargling horse urine, then now is the time to speak up.    You may run the risk of having to explain why you ordered that bottle of wine if you didnt like it, but you can simply explain that you have never tried that BRAND before, and that it is not at all what you were expecting.     Make another selection and ask them to change it, if the place is worth its salt, they will do so with no questions asked.  

SO, without further adue, here are a couple of short articles that will explain this whole wine phenomenon a little more in depth...  enjoy.

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