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A tool is "a piece of equipment that most commonly provides a mechanical advantage in accomplishing a physical task."     The right tool for the job at hand will ensure a better job, done faster, with less effort.  You should know how to identify and use these tools correctly.   If you dont have a tool box with these tools in it, you should print these pages, go to the hardware store, and get them.   Ok, maybe you dont need a shingle hammer, you can leave that until you decide you want to tackle re-roofing your house, but other than that.... YOU NEED MOST OF THESE TOOLS !

Hand Tools:

Hammers / levers A hammer is a tool meant to deliver blows to a target, causing it to move or deform.


pliers / cutters Pliers and cutters are designed primarily to use leverage to grip, cut, or move.  
Saws Hand Saws are used to cut material into different shapes, usually wood.
wrenches Wrenches use mechanical advantage by applying torque to turn bolts, nuts, etc. 
Levels Levels are designed to indicate whether a surface is level or plumb.








Power Tools:

Drill / Driver Uses a rotating drill bit to drill holes in, or drive screws into different materials.
Saws Used to cut material, hand held or table mounted.  
Sanders Sanders are used to smooth wood, automotive and other finishes.
Routers / Lathes Used to hollow out areas in the face of a piece of wood, or finish edges. 
Planers Planers reduce the overall thickness of wood to a uniform measurement.