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Grilling some thick New York Strips and killing a few cold beers ranks up there pretty close to the top of the "Stuff we like to do on Saturday" list.    Theres some good reading and tips on grilling a steak in the "Beef" section below.     Most of us have our steak grilling technique down to a fine art, but there is always room to gain more grill experience with our other woodland and ocean dwelling friends.   The sections below will provide you with some basic information you should know about the other meats available for us to throw over the coals, along with some tasty ideas for preparing them.    So this weekend, try changing it up a little and put a big swordfish steak in the pan, or maybe grab a whole pork tenderloin and make some thick pork filets wrapped in bacon ! 














I own and highly recommend
owning a foodsaver.... 
these things pay for themselves in no time !