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New York Strip    My personal favorite, a lean juicy cut of meat,
with a great flavor, and solid texture.   Cut off
the strip loin on the back of the cow. I personally
prefer these grilled medium rare, but its hard to
screw one a strip up, even well done.
New York Strip  
Ribeye Very Tender and probably the most flavorful steak you can buy.   This cut is from the rib portion of the cow and more fat content then most other steaks...  Which just makes em better! ribeye
Filet Mignon Generally Considered the cream of the crop, this is a melt in your mouth steak.   If its cooked past
medium rare... you have destroyed it, stick to Flank Steak.   If you are trying to impress a date with your grilling skills this is what you need to be brining home from the grocery store.   Dont forget to pick up some bacon to wrap them with.
Filet Mignon
Sirloin A great steak and a good value.   Usually Sirloin is less expensive than some of the other premium steaks, mostly due to the fact that the cow uses this muscle a little more, hence making the meat not quite as tender.   Dont be tempted to trim any fat off, thats built in flavor ! Sirloin
Ground Beef Sold in varying degrees of leaness, for the purposes of our discussion here, ground beef has only one purpose... big fat burgers.   There are a million ways to make a great burger, just remember to cook to an internal temperature of at least 160F degrees so your intestines dont fall out. Ground
Beef Ribs There are two kinds of ribs, short ribs & back ribs.  Short ribs tend to have more meat, but can be a little grisly and tough.  Back ribs are more tender, but may not have as much meat on them.   Generally ribs require a long slow cook time to tenderize them and bring out the flavor. ribs


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