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There are a number of different categories of saw, all with the same purpose of accurately making larger pieces of wood into smaller pieces of wood. The first and largest division is between hand-powered saws and mechanically powered saws.

H ere are a few examples:

Handsaw / Crosscut Saw:    Used to make straight cuts across the grain.

Olympia Tools Hand Saw with Wooden Handle  20in.

Rip Saw:    Used to make straight cuts along the grain.

Japanese Saw:    Thin bladed saw uses the pull stroke to cut instead of the push stroke.

Hacksaw:    Used to cut metal by hand. 

 Stanley High Tension Hacksaw  12in. Blade

Keyhole Saw:    Long narrow saw with knife like grip, usually used for drywall, and small awkward cuts. 


Coping Saw:  Used to cut intricate shapes and curved cutouts, uses thin blade to allow easy steering.

 Irwin Premium Pro Coping Saw

Two Man Saw:    Long saw with handles on both ends, generally used for felling trees and sawing large logs.

Bowsaw:  A bow shaped saw, with a coarse wide blade used for limbing trees and cutting logs

 Combination Hacksaw and Bowsaw

Backsaw / Mitre saw:  Utilizes a stiffening rib on the opposite side of the cutting edge, allowing for a more precise cut.  Usually used in cabinetry and joinery to make tenons, dovetails etc.. 

Northern Industrial Double-Sharp Saw Kit  3-Pcs.