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Different types of spirit levels are used by carpenters, stone masons, bricklayers, other building trades workers, surveyors and millwrights, and other metalworkers.
Here are a few examples:
Carpenters Spirit Level:   Spirit levels feature a slightly curved glass tube which is incompletely filled with a liquid, usually coloured 'spirit' (a synonym for ethanol), leaving a bubble in the tube. Ethanol is used because of its low freezing point, -114C, which prevents it from freezing in cold weather. Most commonly spirit levels are employed to indicate how horizontal (level) or how vertical (plumb) a surface is.
 Empire True Blue Box Level  24in., Model# E70.24
Torpedo Level:  Handy in close quarters, sometimes magnetized along one side.   Usually has 2-3 bubble glasses in it at 45 and 90 degrees.
Empire True Blue 9in. Magnetic Torpedo Level  
Laser Level:   A laser line level is a tool combining a spirit level and/or pendulum with a laser to indicate a levelled line against a surface.  Handheld laser line levels are used in surveying, construction and cabinetry industries.
CST/Berger Tracer Torpedo Laser Level With Magnetic Base  50 Ft. Working Range  
Plumb Bob:  A weight hung from a string used to create a line perpendicular to the ground.