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Chickens were originally tree-dwelling birds
living in the jungles of Asia. The people of India
were the first to domesticate this bird, and later
the Greeks and Romans raised chicken rearing
to a fine art, fattening chickens with barley and
milk and confining them in cages to keep them
tender.  Chickens can be cooked whole, or cut
up into breast, thigh, leg, wing parts and cooked
just about any way you like. At DUDES411.COM, 
we're partial to spicy buffalo wings with beer. 


Duck Most ducks have a thick layer of fat under the skin, which can make them a little on the greasy side when cooked.   Duck was a popular main dish in colonial days; today many consider it gourmet fare.  The white Pekin duck, often sold under the name Long Island duckling, are the ones most often available in supermarkets today.    Duck should always be sold in an airtight wrapper... unless of course you just blew him out of the sky, in which case...   good shot, get the roasting pan. 

Duck Breast

Goose Goose can be wild or domestic, generally the younger the goose the more tender the meat.  Freshness is important, as with all poultry.   The goose should be clear of feathers and have a clean smell.   Goose should be thawed in the refrigerator if purchased frozen, and cooked to an internal temperature of 180 degrees Goose
Pheasant / Quail  Pheasant and Quail ( both in the same family) are both commonly hunted birds, however the farm raised variety tends to be a better choice for cooking.  Wild pheasant can be dry and tough.   The common pheasant and Ringneck pheasant are the most commonly found in the U.S. Pheasant