Grill Perfect Steak

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Grill a perfect steak every time.

 by: Dave Brassdropper

There are only a few things that come into play to grill a perfect steak;

1.  Quality of the meat.

2.  Preparation & Seasoning.

3.  Grilling the steak.

Quality:  As the saying goes, you cant make chicken salad out of chicken shit....  so dont expect to buy a crappy looking steak and magically transform it into a mouth watering meal that will melt your girlfriends panties off.    If you decide you are going to grill steaks, try to buy the best cut of meat you can afford, a couple of extra dollars can buy you a lot.   If you dont see any steaks you like in the meat case at your grocery store or butcher, ask them to cut steaks for you.  

Preparation & Seasoning.   OK, its tempting to pull all the spices and seasonings out of the cabinet and throw all of them on your steak... save that method for making chili or something.   The best flavor your steak can have is STEAK flavor... there is no need to try and make it taste like something else.    Another common grilling practice is to put a great looking steak in a ziplock bag full of marinade and let it sit overnight...  this should be illegal, with the exception of flank steak or some other forms of assmeat...   But this discussion is limited to premium steaks... strip steaks, filet mignon, ribeye steak, Porterhouse and  T-bone steak.   If you want to grill a perfect steak, you should start with perfect ingredients  Assemble the following ingredients:


Brown sugar

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Black Peppercorns & grinder

Sea Salt

Grill Perfect Steak

Wash your hands before you start preparing & grilling, nobody wants this afternoons used 10W-30 oil change flavor on their steak.  Place steaks in baking dish or plate, pour a small amount of olive oil on each steak and just spread a thin layer of it on both sides of the steak.   shake or grind sea salt, plenty of pepper, and a pinch of brown sugar onto each steak, then rub it into the meat.   Flip the steaks over and repeat on the other side.    If you like a little kick to your steak, you can sprinkle on some cayenne pepper, likewise if you are a garlic fan, and little garlic salt can be a good thing.... just remember, dont overpower the flavor of the steak.     Place in refrigerator for an hour or two before starting the grill if you have time.  


Grilling.   Open a beer and drink it.   Rinse fish smell out of cooler.   Place 6-8 cold beers in cooler and cover with ice, unless you will have a trusty sidekick assisting with the grilling, then of course you will add 6-8 beers for each additional wingman.    Fire up the grill, whether it be charcoal or gas, some people swear allegiance to one or the other... but thats a different topic entirely.   Open flames of course dictate the opening of beer number two.   We now stand around for 15 minutes or so, drinking our beer and waiting for the grill to warm up.   It is not neccessary to stand beside the grill for this process, but something in our genetics will keep us there, this is why we brought the cooler to the grill with us.  

Once our grill has reached the highest possible setting...sometimes referred to as "Ludicrous Heat", we are ready to put our steaks on.   If you brought a fork with you, stick it in something else, you'll need tongs for this...   I'll wait while you go get them.    ....   ...   ok, place the steaks on the grill and let them sear for about 3 minutes, then turn them 45 degrees keeping them on the same side, and let them sear for another 3 minutes, this will give  us some nice looking diamond shaped grill marks.    Leave the lid open, were not baking a cake.    After our second 3 minute searing, were ready to flip.  Take the tongs and grab the steak on the sides, try to avoid sticking the tongs on the surface of the steak and knocking off any good crusty grill morsels that have accumulated there.    Now once all steaks are flipped, carefully extend your free hand out towards your wingman, who should be ready with the handoff of beer number three.   As you twist the top off, casually glance at your watch and start timing your 3 minutes again.    Once again, at the end of 3 minutes, turn the steak 45 degrees, cook for another 3 minutes and turn the grill off.    

Steak should sit for about 10 or 15 minutes after cooking to let the juices "Settle" whatever that means.   What it means for us is, we conveniently have time to drink another beer before heading back to the kitchen with our cow.    Take the plate or platter that you will be putting the steaks on, and let it sit on the grill for a minute to heat it up slightly.   Then pull the steaks off the grill to "Settle".   

The biggest variable in grilling your steak will be the thickness of the steak, if you get a ribeye cut 2 1/2 inches thick from your butcher, you'll probably need to cook it a little longer on each side to avoid getting bubonic plauge... or whatever it is you get from raw beef.    With a little practice, you'll be able to grill a perfect steak every time ! Good Luck.


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